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Challenges faced by Syrians resettling in US. But still it's time to make sure the 29,000 awaiting resettlement move through the US process. #warinSyria

Is ISIS bubbllng up again in Syria?#warinSyria

Are Erdogan and Putin into another Syria terrorital swap?#warinSyria

Erdogan vows to take military actions against Syria YPG if diplomacy fails. #warinSyria

Erdogan blames US and Russia after Syria attacks. #warinSyria

Blinken reiterates US not normalizing relations with Assad until big political changes happen in Syria. #warinSyria

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2021 Purpose Prize Winners - Georgette Bennett

“The impact of this work has been profound and life-transforming. I’ve seen Syrians and Israelis rise above politics, suspicion, and hatred to work together, laugh together, and encounter each other as human beings rather than stereotypes.”
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Women's health in Syria: An American imperative

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, hospitals and health-care workers have been actively targeted as a means of breaking the will of the opposition. The perpetration of crimes of war on innocent civilians in Syria is anything but news.
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Israeli Aid Gives an Unexpected ‘Glimmer of Hope’ for Syrians

According to the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, a New York-based network of organizations involved in the aid effort, Israel has also become an efficient, if unlikely, staging area for Syrian aid groups operating abroad that, facilitated by the Israeli military, are now shipping goods into Syria through Israeli ports.
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