Invite an MFA speaker

By sharing their compelling personal stories, MFA leaders will help your organization better understand the Syrian refugee crisis. Our team offers its expertise in collaborating to create a speaking event, virtually or in-person, that assuredly will be inspiring and memorable. Learn first-hand about the situation on the ground in Syria from eyewitness accounts of MFA colleagues who work in the Northeast and Northwest regions. By providing in-depth knowledge of the ongoing crisis, MFA will help you and your organization discover opportunities to become involved in projects and programs that strengthen and empower displaced Syrians to begin rebuilding their lives.

On the home front, with a new administration has come revitalization of our advocacy efforts for rational U.S. refugee policies. Invite MFA's speakers to motivate your community to take action and become voices for policy changes that not only are lifesaving, they also honor the precepts of all of our faiths to help the needy, the oppressed, the stranger and the disadvantaged, and reinforce American values.