Humanitarian Aid and Development

Serving those in need.

More than $175 million in relief supplies shipped benefitting more than 2.3 million people.


The hardships of the Syrian humanitarian crisis, now in its 11th devastating year, have been further compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, MFA has shipped more than $175 million in humanitarian aid, and we continue to expand our operations in the region.

In 2020 and 2021 to date MFA has delivered relief valued at nearly $43.3 million - serving over 800,000 displaced people living across more than 105 camps and makeshift settlements.

As difficult as the situation on the ground has become, our relief shipments have never stopped. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we increased deliveries of PPE and other life-saving medical equipment to more than 48 hospitals and medical facilities throughout northeast Syria, northwest Syria, and northern Iraq.

To reach more people than ever before, MFA streamlined its processes.
We increased our aid deliveries by 126% ($10 million).
We cut our shipment costs by 38% ($57,000).
For every $100 worth of aid provided in 2020-2021, we’ve spent just 23 cents on logistical costs.

Throughout this past year, MFA expanded its partnerships and broadened its presence in the region.
To meet increased demand, we strengthened existing relationships and built new ones with local humanitarian organizations enabling greater support for refugee communities in Lebanon after the devastating destruction of the port and its surrounding region. We also expanded our capacity through a number of special programs, ranging from emergency housing to providing prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers.

With our established international network of relief suppliers and NGO partners inside Syria, MFA ensures that the right relief is distributed to the right people.

Humanitarian Relief Updates

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• 8,749 People Served in Dayr Ballut and Mahmudiyah Camps
• 5,568 People Served in Idlib's IDP Camps
• 3,757 People Served in Arihah and Al Fu'ah
• 5,142 People Served in Northwest Syria Amid Bombing
• Clean Water Provided for Thousands of Displaced Families in Syria
• 537 Families Served in Northwest Syria

Supporting hospitals to provide better care.

The conflict has demolished the healthcare system in Syria, with the Assad regime and its proxies systematically targeting hospitals and medical staff as part of their war strategy. As a result, the remaining hospitals and medical centers can provide only the most basic care to people suffering from greater illnesses and the traumatic injuries of war.

MFA continues to supply hospitals, medical centers, and mobile clinics in hard-to-reach areas of Syria with medicines, medical equipment, and supplies. Our supplies include basic life-saving medicines for emergency care, like antibiotics and local anesthetics. We also provide a range of medicines from pain relievers and antidepressants to blood pressure and heart medications.

Rebuilding the healthcare infrastructure.

MFA supports Syrian hospitals by providing a range of medical equipment, including multiple CT Scanners that greatly increase the range of services offered to improve the quality of care, in order to rebuild the healthcare infrastructure in Syria.

In 2021, to meet the escalating need for medical services, MFA opened two healthcare facilities in Northeast and Northwest Syria. There are more than three million people in northern Syria who have been internally displaced, many have had to flee multiple times. The suffering they have endured has taken an enormous toll on their health and well-being, and until recently only the most basic medical services that were available to them were provided by MFA partners in the IDP camps.

Healthcare infrastructure results.

Northeast Syria – Primary Healthcare Facility

Earlier this year, MFA’s facility in Northeast Syria began providing Primary Healthcare to a community bereft of any significant medical services. This facility opened June 15, 2021, and already has seen:

  • 1,884 Men
  • 6,932 Women
  • 2,649 Boys
  • 2,740 Girls
  • A total of 14,205 visitors have been treated at this facility since June 2021

Northwest Syria – Diagnostic Center
In Northwest Syria, MFA opened a Diagnostic Center with MRI machines received from a major donor. This facility opened on May 1, 2021, and already has served:

  • 972 Men
  • 1,160 Women
  • 226 Boys
  • 165 Girls
  • A total of 2,523 visitors have been served by this facility since May 2021

Changing minds through shared values.

Overcoming years of enmity and suspicion, former foes are now working together in the name of humanitarian relief – creating a model for future cooperation in the region.

This unprecedented collaboration of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others in the United States, Israel and Syria, clearly demonstrates the shared humanitarian values of all faiths.

Out of great need has come a great opportunity.