Fund a Container

You can fund your own container of humanitarian aid to Syria.

Since 2016, MFA has been sending relief containers to Syria to help alleviate suffering.

To date, almost 200 containers filled with $400 million in emergency aid has been shipped.

Millions of Syrians have been displaced during this 12 year war and , more and more aid is needed. To respond, MFA has created a unique Fund A Container program, giving individuals and groups significant a way to participate in sending relief containers to those in need in Syria.

For $6,500, you can send a container filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment.

How It Works

Your Support

MFA has been able to do this vital work thanks to supporters like you.

MFA Network

MFA works with its network of donors and organizations, including Syrian NGOS, to collect and distribute relief supplies.


MFA facilitates domestic and international shipping for timely and secure delivery of aid to Syria.

Syrian NGOs

MFA works with its long-established network of Syrian NGOs who distribute the displaced Syrians and those who are refugees in the surrounding regions.

Partnering with Syrian NGOs to deliver the right aid to the right place.

Since 2020, MFA has local offices on the ground inside Syria. Now, we work even more closely with our trusted NGO partners to identify the precise relief needed, and determine how to best to fill the demand. We coordinate shipments to each location to ensure that the right aid arrives intact to our intended recipients.

Harnessing MFA's network to collect relief supplies.

MFA and its partners have developed a broad network of organizations and groups that donate relief supplies to fill the containers we ship. Our network is comprised of Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religious and secular donors that range from well-established relief organizations to local volunteer groups with access to needed supplies.

These life-saving shipments include food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies and equipment. We’ve even sent ambulances, CT Scanners and MRI machines. Over the past year and a half, we’ve also sent massive amounts of PPE and other emergency supplies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in overcrowded displacement camps.

This is where your support comes in!

Your support enables MFA to continue and expand its vital work.


For more information about Fund A Container opportunities, Contact Us Here

Note: The actual cost of shipping a particular container can vary, depending on the source and location of the donated supplies, the types of supplies, the points of embarkation and destination of the shipment, the cost of inland shipping, the ocean freight expenses, repacking fees, warehousing and drayage charges, customs, duties, administrative fees paid to third parties, the operating expense of MFA’s humanitarian relief efforts and a variety of additional factors. If, due to the variability of these costs and expenses, the per container charge is revised, MFA will notify you prior to accepting payment. The per container charge will not be modified once your payment has been accepted. If the funds received exceed actual shipping costs, excess funds will be used solely to fund the operational expenses of MFA’s humanitarian relief efforts.