Fund a Container

You can fund your own container of humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians.

With MFA's Fund A Container program, you have the extraordinary chance to sponsor essential aid shipments to those who need it the most.

For $6,500, individuals or groups can cover 100% of shipping and logistical costs of sending a 40-foot relief container to Syria. This container will be packed with critical medications, food, water filtration systems or other life-saving supplies. Depending on the contents, the value of each container can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Our team will keep you updated your shipment’s progress from loading in the U.S. through final delivery. Moreover, once the contents of the shipment have been distributed, you will receive a personalized report about the impact of your container.

Left to right: Medical supplies loaded into container in New York; Container arrives at Syrian border; Partner NGO unpacks & distributes; Medical supplies used in mobile health clinics.

How Fund A Container Works

Assessing Needs: MFA identifies and prioritizes the precise relief needed on the ground – ranging from medicines, to emergency meals, tents and clothing.

Sourcing Supplies: MFA has a network of relief suppliers, each with the ability to provide specialized types of relief to address specific needs.

Ensuring Delivery to Those Who Need It: MFA then arranges the packing, ocean freight, and delivery of the shipping container to its destination.

Sharing Impact: After collecting impact data, MFA will prepare a report for the Fund A Container donor: its contents, its value, the location and number of people reached, and the needs served.

Please contact us at if you are interested in Fund A Container.

*Note: The actual cost of shipping a particular container can vary, depending on the source and location of the donated supplies, the types of supplies, the points of embarkation and destination of the shipment, the cost of inland shipping, the ocean freight expenses, repacking fees, warehousing and drayage charges, customs, duties, administrative fees, the operating expense of MFA’s humanitarian relief efforts and a variety of additional factors. If, due to the variability of these costs and expenses, the per container charge is revised, MFA will notify you prior to accepting payment. The per container charge will not be modified once your payment has been accepted. If the funds received exceed actual shipping costs, excess funds will be used solely to fund the operational expenses of MFA’s humanitarian relief efforts.